ORM Case Study – NYC Attorney

Online Reputation Management for an NYC Attorney

Name: Casey C.

Occupation: Attorney, Senior Partner

Location: New York, NY

Issue: Online reputation

Specific Problem: Articles appeared in both a local newspaper and magazine (both owned by the same media company) that painted him in a negative light for representing a client accused of stealing money through a Ponzi scheme. With so much negative light being drawn on white-collar criminals of this sort, Casey’s online reputation took a hit, even though he had absolutely nothing to do with any criminal behavior.

Remedy: Casey’s firm decided to pursue legal action against the media company. The legal proceedings promised to drag, with no promise of the content ever leaving the Internet. More immediate work needed to be done to protect both Casey’s and the firm’s online reputations.

In addition to legal work, over the course of a year, significant content creation and search engine optimization work (SEO) was done to create high-ranking listings for Casey to outrank the two negative stories, and strengthen his online reputation in the process. The positive content put both Casey and his practice in a very positive light.

Content Creation included:

  • A series of thoughtful, intellectual blog posts which focused primarily on the ethics of practicing criminal law.
  • A series of videos featuring Casey to supplement the blog posts. Video channels were also created on both YouTube and Vimeo.
  • An optimized LinkedIn profile for Casey – which included a new, comprehensive summary and 10 new recommendations. The profile also includes the aforementioned blog posts and videos.
  • A personal website for Casey to supplement his presence on his firm’s site. It showcases Casey’s extensive community volunteer work, his passion for home improvement projects, the aforementioned blog posts, videos, and repurposed recommendations from his optimized LinkedIn profile.

SEO strategy included:

  • Extensive work on Casey’s personal site to help it achieve rank
  • Quality content posted on credible platforms on the web
  • A smart backlink and citation strategy
  • Creation of a series of relevant online listings


After a year, the SEO tactics began to show results, and the two media stories were pushed back to page 3 of search results for Casey’s name. His personal website and LinkedIn profile rank at the top of page one search listings for Google, Bing and Yahoo. His blog posts were picked up by a legal journal, which not only boosted Casey’s own online reputation but also helped his firm’s SEO. The firm’s case against the media company continues to play out in court.

If you are a lawyer who live in New York and encounter an online reputation issue that you can’t resolve on your own, feel free to reach out to us directly to set up a free consultation.

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