Creating a Personal Website/Online Portfolio

Can Social Media Boost Your Online Reputation? Absolutely!
February 9, 2018
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Creating a Personal Website/Online Portfolio

When you take a holistic look at the Online Reputation Management (ORM)  field, much of the online content that you come across, either in a blog post or on an ORM company’s website, accentuates the negative. The emphasis is on listings that pose a threat to your reputation. You’re told that the problem can be solved, but that it will take time, and cost money.  Remedies and tactics are discussed, but there is rarely a clearly defined path to your specific case because every situation is unique, and it’s impossible to attach either a formula or a price tag to a specific situation without a consultation.


Unfortunately there’s no avoiding this scenario. However, what sometimes gets lost in the shuffle here is the positive opportunity that’s in front of you. This is not meant to make light of anyone’s  troubling situation. But the reality is, over 90 percent of people that are doing online searches for you not looking past page 1 results.*  If you can create a website  that ranks high on page one, is chocked full of engaging content, and gives people a clear, positive picture of who you are; we’ve  made some serious progress!


Accordingly, an integral part of any smart ORM strategy is a personal website.  Every good plan should include one!


What are the components of a strong personal website/online portfolio?


Your professional bio: This is your opportunity to draw attention to your accomplishments.  Many of our clients worry that they don’t have enough substance here. The reality: Most , if not all of you have A LOT to put down. In your eyes, what you do on a day-to-day basis is easy, and not worthy of mention.  This couldn’t be further from the truth!


A professional headshot: Nothing enhances your reputation more than a great headshot. It makes an amazing first impression.  It should always be featured on the homepage, above the fold.


Your resume for download: Save potential employers the step of having to ask you for it, and make it easy to access/download.


Links to your social media properties: The beauty of this is that it helps you control the narrative by bringing people to areas where YOU, and not anyone else,  can tell your story, and you hold all the cards. Click here to read more about social media as it pertains to your online reputation.


A personal touch:  If you have some great family photos that you want to post, here is a great opportunity to do so. If you have privacy/security concerns (A huge topic in and of itself), that’s understood. Don’t stress it. You can still have fun in this area; perhaps you offer a list of your top ten movies, books, or restaurants.  There are lots of possibilities here.


Links to other positive listings: Here’s an opportunity to promote external blogs, videos, and other websites that tell the story that you want to be seen and heard. .


Blog posts: You can showcase your expertise in any given area, or simply write about a hobby, or a topic that you are truly passionate about. Search engines favor sites that consistently post fresh, new, engaging content, and this will definitely help your site rank.


Video:  A video page will definitely help your site rank, and offers great content!  Here, you do not have to use professionally shot video – a phone will do just fine.  There are many different content possibilities here, and you can have a lot of fun with this.


While a personal website or portfolio page is not an end-all solution to your problem, it’s a big step in the right direction! If you have any questions about this, or would like our help in creating a site, please contact us for a free consultation!




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