Can Social Media Boost Your Online Reputation? Absolutely!

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January 20, 2018
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March 12, 2018
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Can Social Media Boost Your Online Reputation? Absolutely!

Social Media is an integral part of the online reputation management (ORM) ecosystem. For starter’s there’s the obvious reason: Active social media properties rank high in online searches. If you’re active on one or more social media properties, chances are your profile(s) can be found fairly easily, and the person doing the search suddenly finds her/himself with a wealth of information about you.  And that can work to your advantage.


On the flipside, not finding anything isn’t a good thing, particularly when it comes to the career/professional realm.  A lack of social media activity means a person doing a search for you can potentially come up empty-handed, and leads to obvious questions, including, but not restricted to:


  • What is he/she trying to hide?
  • Is this person anti-social?
  • Has this person never embraced the digital realm?


It’s not simply a matter of being active though – it’s about positivity, and highlighting brand attributes that put you in a good light. On LinkedIn, this means completing your profile, writing a smart, comprehensive, professional summary, and including a sharp, professional headshot. On Twitter, it means dressing your profile with cool, creative header and profile images, and consistently providing your following with smart, fun, thought-provoking, useful content. On Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, it means bringing your world to life via vibrant, dynamic photos and captions.


Social Media is not the place to engage in comment fights, political arguments, or anything that involves negativity towards someone else. This is basic common sense. As tempting as it can be to engage in the context of “spirited” discussion, you never know when this might come back to haunt you.


How do you create an online social presence that does wonders for your personal brand, bolsters your online reputation? Here are some quick, easy tips to get you started right away:


  • Pick one or two properties that you like the most and stay active. Deliver content that people find useful; in doing so you establish yourself as a valuable online community member. You don’t necessarily have to start your own group or page (although this never hurts!) Just stay active, positive.
  • Accentuate the visual. People are much more likely to pay attention to an eye-grabbing photo or video. Be creative in dressing up your profile pages. Make sure your name is spelled correctly in captions, tags. Also remember that people will do an image search of you – so the more photos that you post, the better. If you have the resources, it never hurts to invest in professional photography, particularly for a headshot.
  • Create positive content and promote it across your social channels. This has potential to rank high in search.
  • “Like” content that you appreciate – particularly on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram where this type of engagement is easily observed. It takes less than a second to do, and contributes to an positive brand experience. Be careful with LinkedIn, as a post “like” is automatically shared on your feed – so don’t go overboard here.


How Repceptional can help


Social media is integral to any client engagement. Whether we consult you in much greater detail as to how to bolster your presence, or actually have our team of social media experts play a more hands-on role with your accounts, you can be certain that working with us ensures a very positive social media presence that will rank high in search over time!

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