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Repceptional builds strong personal brands online!

When you enter your name into Google, Yahoo, or Bing, what appears on page 1? Are you happy with what you see?  Do you come up with a complete picture of who you are, what you do, and what makes you special? Are you free and clear of any negativity?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is both the “art” and “science” of helping people create a powerful digital presence, with particular emphasis on creating strong, “negativity free” online search results.  It enables people to tell compelling stories about themselves and/or their businesses, and simultaneously protects them from negative listings that can do significant damage.

Why is Online Reputation Management important?

A recent article in the Huffington Post estimates that 80% of job recruiters will do a Google search before first contacting a potential candidate. A 2017 Career Builders survey found that 70% of recruiters look at a candidate’s social media profiles in advance of an interview. Translation: A positive first impressions of a person’s online presence is not just “important” to a job seeker, or anyone interested in professional advancement; it’s essential. Think of it as the intersection of digital marketing and personal branding.

Believe it or not, ORM extends beyond the professional realm.  For example, you should absolutely take a good, hard look at your online presence if you’re dating.  Reason: In a matter of a few simple clicks, one can get a clear picture of a lot more than physical appearance.  The vetting process often starts long before the first date, and you don’t want your online presence to end the game before it starts!

Negative Listings: What can I do?

The “ugly” reality of today’s world is that negative listings in online search appear, sometimes as high as page 1.  If this has happened to you, there are three very important things to take immediate note of:

  1. You’re not alone. There are millions of people that are dealing with the same problem as we speak.
  2. Have no fear: There are proven remedies to solve your problem. It’s not an overnight fix, but there are tried and true methodologies for driving negative listings far down, and bringing positive listings to the top of the search for your name.
  3. Believe it or not, there’s a big opportunity in front of you. You can turn a negative into a positive by creating premium content that allows your brand to shine, and dominate page one of search!


A Repceptional formula for success

The formula for what we do is not complicated. It’s a healthy combination of technology and premium content creation.  On the technical side, Repceptional leverages search engine optimization (SEO) and industry-leading technical expertise to push negative listings down. At the same time, our branding/content creation team works with you hand-in-hand to create premium digital content that search engines love.

Over time, negative listings are “jumped” by positives, and a new story is written!  A story that you control, and can be proud of!

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