Online Reputation Management For Lawyers


ORM For Lawyers

Online Reputation Management (ORM) plays a more important role in today’s legal world than ever before. It starts with business development, and the next generation of clients for law firms and individual Attorneys. While word of mouth referrals and marketing leads remain critical to the overall growth process for both firms and individual attorneys, the next generation of legal clients will often take analysis/consideration to another level before deciding on a firm to hire.

In other words, it’s not enough anymore for a potential client to simply get a recommendation, have a conversation with an Attorney, and then make a decision to hire. Prospects are very likely to do online research on the firm, its partners, individual attorneys, and even competitors. What they find, both within a firm’s website, in search engine listings, and potentially within reviews, will play a key role in whether or not they decide to hire. The online reputation of both the firm and its individual Attorneys is critical to the business development process.

ORM For a Lawyer’s Clients

In this day and age, even when a firm’s client is found innocent of any/all charges, sometimes the road to redemption does not end with a favorable verdict. The trail of a hard fought trial often leaves a series of negative listings on the Internet, which can hurt a client’s chances for any sort of professional future, to say nothing of the implications for his/her personal life. In many cases, a law firm’s clients, both individual and business, need online reputation management to supplement legal counsel.

Repceptional Solutions: Helping Attorneys and their Clients

We work hand-in-hand with Attorneys on two levels. The first is working directly for them, as we help them grow and build for the future by bolstering both the firm’s online reputation, and the individual reputations within the firm, to help them stand out within a highly competitive digital landscape. This also helps them with recruitment efforts; in landing the next generation of Associates, a firm can have the confidence of know that a strong online reputation will do nothing but help with recruitment in a highly competitive environment.

Second, we work hand-in-hand with a firm’s clients who have online reputation management problems. We leverage our technical expertise to take negative online listings and push them significantly down the pages of search results, replacing them with premium content listings that

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