ORM Case Study – NJ Physician

Online Reputation Management for an NJ Physician

Name: Dr. D.

Occupation: Physician

Location: New Jersey

Issue: Online reputation

Specific Problem: In 2012 Dr. D was pulled over and arrested for a DUI. Driving home a short distance from a night out with his wife, he was pulled over less than one quarter of a mile from his house. His BAC was at .08%, which is on the low end of DUI arrests, but enough for it to warrant a small amount of local attention. A local newspaper reported the arrest, and it was incredibly embarrassing for Dr. D, as both his online and offline reputation took a hit.

Even though he was not a heavy drinker leading up to the arrest, Dr. D gave up drinking completely, and he has not had a sip of alcohol since early 2013. “There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t regret my decision to drive that night,” He said. “I just thank God no one was hurt.”

The one-time mistake did not impact his professional life until a recent online review appeared on a popular site for Physician reviews, in which a patient gave him a negative review and a 1 star rating. She closed the review by commenting: “I’ve heard rumors of alcohol abuse in Dr. D’s past.” This statement is false, but people researching Dr. D could potentially find the story of his past arrest online, and assume it to be true. Even though he had twenty 5 star reviews, and an overall rating of 4.5 stars even after the 1-star review, Dr. D was concerned about the repercussions this statement could have on his future.

Remedy: In the short-term, we helped Dr. D craft a quick, transparent response to the negative online review, starting with an honest apology to the patient for receiving care that she was not pleased with. Following the apology, he addressed the alcohol issue directly by telling the patient that any rumors are absolutely false, and that he had many personal and professional references that could back this claim.

We then immediately went to the site and presented a case for the review to be taken down based on it being a violation of the site’s User Agreement. Within a month the review was pulled. This is rare in the world of online reputation management, but in this case it was ultimately found that there was conclusive evidence that the reviewer had self-serving, malicious intent, and was not looking out for the best interest of the online community.

In addition to addressing the review, Dr. D saw this incident as an opportunity to do more work on building his online reputation. Significant content creation and search engine optimization work (SEO) was done to create positive, high-ranking listings:

Content Creation included:

  • A series of thoughtful, intellectual blog posts focusing on his area of specialty.
  • A series of testimonial videos from patients who were excited to come on camera to tell their stories about Dr. D. In addition to the videos being posted on the practice website, video channels were also created on both YouTube and Vimeo.
  • A personal website for Dr. D to showcase his hobby/passion: Painting. A beautiful online gallery of his work was set up!
  • A smart patient review strategy was implemented to help Dr. D garner consistent, ongoing, positive online reviews.

SEO strategy included:

  • Extensive redesign, coding, and keyword work was done on Dr. D’s practice site to help it achieve higher rank in search.
  • Blog content was repurposed, placed on relevant online platforms.
  • Dr. D’s personal website was optimized for search.
  • A smart backlink and citation strategy was put in place to help both sites achieve rank.
  • Creation of a series of relevant online listings.


Content and SEO tactics added over three pages of new, positive listings for Dr. D, and the small local story about the DUI was pushed back to the point where it’s not a threat to Dr. D’s career.

If you live in New Jersey and encounter an online reputation issue that you can’t resolve on your own, feel free to reach out to us directly to set up a free consultation.