ORM Case Study – NJ Sports Coach

Online Reputation Management for an NJ Sports Coach

Name: Sally C.

Occupation: Division I College Field Hockey Coach

Location: New Jersey

Issue: Online reputation

Online Reputation Problem: Sally, age 31, was a respected field hockey coach at a division I university, having paid her dues and climbed the ranks from a small-town high school coaching job. After a particularly tough loss, Sally was very disappointed with her team’s effort and lack of sportsmanship. In an unusual move for her, she addressed the team, and launched into a loud, profanity-laced tirade behind what she though was closed doors. Unfortunately, her words were heard and recorded by a reporter from the school’s student newspaper.

The student newspaper ran an article both in print and online on the tirade – it put Sally in a particularly bad light. A regional newspaper picked up on the student story and ran its own version. Both stories cited an anonymous source from the team who said that Sally was profane and completely out of line.

Sally contends that this was the first and only time in her tenure that she had lashed out at the team. And while she apologized, and admitted to making a mistake, she held to the conviction that the team’s post-game sportsmanship warranted a stern reprimand. At the end of the school year – her contract was not renewed. The team’s win-loss record over the course of her five years at the school was sited as the reason.

As Sally interviewed for other roles, she found herself staring in the face of one rejection after another. The two online stories of her tirade ranked very high on page one of online searches, and they were scaring school administrators from pulling the trigger on Sally as a full-time, long-term hire. This was devastating to Sally, as she longed to return to doing what she loved – coaching at the collegiate level. Her online reputation needed to be repaired.

Remedy: We helped Sally create high-ranking search listings that put her brand in a positive light. This included a personal website that featured:

  • Testimonials from 10 players from 4 different teams.
  • A video series that showcased her articulate nature, motivational skills.
  • A blog post that directly addressed the tirade, and presented more detail about her side of the story
  • A series of blog posts on good sportsmanship, the importance of developing character.

In addition, we worked with her to create an optimized LinkedIn profile and a robust social presence that showcased the stability of her personal life and her extensive involvement with charitable causes.

The search engine optimization (SEO) strategy included:

  • Extensive keyword work to help personal website achieve higher rank in search.
  • A smart backlink and citation strategy
  • Video channels established and optimized on YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Blog content was repurposed, placed on LinkedIn and relevant online platforms.
  • Creation of a series of relevant online listings


Content and SEO tactics pushed the two negative stories back to pages 8, 9 and 10 on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, respectively. Over time, Sally received an offer to Coach at a division III University in South New Jersey, less than an hour from her home. Sally loves the new school, and is thrilled that she can return to an occupation that she is passionate about!

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