ORM Case Study – NYC Accountant

Online Reputation Management for an NYC Accountant

Name: Maggie R.

Occupation: Accountant

Location: New York, NY

Issue: Online reputation

Online Reputation Problem: At age 23, Maggie made a mistake that she now regrets deeply. Struggling to make ends meet financially as a recent college graduate, she attempted to shoplift a few blouses from a New York City department store. Security cameras picked up the theft, and she was promptly arrested on the scene - she immediately confessed to the crime. Having a perfectly clean record until this point, her punishment consisted of a fine, community service, and 2-years probation.

As the story picked up minor press coverage, Maggie decided to proactively come clean to her employer, a mid-sized Accounting firm, and report what she had done. After an extensive review of the situation, the company decided to stand by Maggie, and not fire her from the role.

Fast-forward five years, and Maggie’s one-time mistake is a distant memory. She has done great work for the Accounting firm and repaid its loyalty to her with hard work and dedication. But she is starting to think that it might be time to move on in her life. She thinks about relocating back to her home state of North Carolina, settling down, and perhaps getting married.

Maggie’s online reputation is a problem. Page one of search results for her name on Google, Bing and Yahoo reveal three different accounts of her shoplifting incident. This affects both her personal and professional life. In addition to the obvious professional implications, Maggie has found that these listings have also impacted her dating life, as some of the men that she has dated have ended relationships after discovering the shoplifting incident before she had a chance to address it with them.

Maggie’s parents are anxious for her to return closer to home and have her start anew with a clean slate. In anticipation of her making a big move, they give her money for online reputation management services to create a strategy for repairing and building her online reputation.

Online Reputation Management for Maggie:

We helped Maggie create high-ranking search listings that put her brand in a positive light. After the initial consult, what quickly came to the forefront was her love for dogs, and the extensive volunteer work that she had done in recent years at a local ASPCA. This passion created an opportunity for us to create high ranking content that included:

  • Blogs that we posted to both her personal website and popular online animal rights platforms.
  • Online photo albums that featured rescued dogs that Maggie had played a role in saving.
  • A video bio that was repurposed on YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn and her personal website.
  • Engagement on relevant social platforms.

In addition, we worked with her to create an optimized LinkedIn profile and a robust social presence for herself that showcased the stability of her personal life and her extensive involvement with the ASPCA.

The search engine optimization (SEO) strategy included:

  • Extensive keyword work to help her personal website achieve higher rank in search.
  • A smart backlink and citation strategy
  • Video optimization.
  • Creation of a series of relevant online listings


Content and SEO tactics pushed the three negative stories back significantly. Maggie ultimately received an offer to work for a small accounting firm less than an hour from her home, and is set to relocate. One of the first things she will do upon settling in: Adopt a dog of her own!

If you live in New York and encounter an online reputation issue that you can’t resolve on your own, feel free to reach out to us directly to set up a free consultation.