ORM Case Study – NYC Entrepreneur

Online Reputation Management for an NY Entrepreneur

Name: Franklin R.

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Location: New York, NY

Issue: Online reputation

Online Reputation Problem: By age 28, Franklin had accomplished more professionally than many people do in a lifetime. Even though he got a late start to college (he enrolled at New York University as a Freshman at age 20), he made the most of it, graduating early, and starting a successful software company from his dorm room as a junior. The company grew rapidly, and upon graduation, he and a team of 30+ employees transferred to a chic loft office space just off of Union Square in New York City.

As his company continued its rapid ascent, there was significant interest in acquisition - until investment bankers started reading about Franklin’s immature mistakes early in his life. One of the company’s board members brought to his attention the myriad of online listings detailing his arrest at 16 for theft in association with a cyber scam, and his early troubles with substance abuse. She advised him to research online reputation management (ORM) companies to solve the problem. Beyond the setback to the progress of the company, and the obvious financial implications, Franklin was heartbroken on a personal level at the discovery of the listings. He had worked diligently not only to achieve professional success, but also to clean up his personal life.

Online Reputation Management for Franklin:

The beauty of Franklin’s problem was that the situation could be attacked on two fronts: First with smart, tactical search engine optimization (SEO) of his company’s website, and second, with a healthy dose of personal branding.

On the corporate side, SEO tactics included:

  • Extensive company-oriented content creation focusing on Franklin, including an all-new, highly detailed bio page, several blog posts, and a series of videos featuring him discussing the company’s growth.
  • Creation of all-new YouTube and Vimeo channels with optimized listings of the aforementioned videos.
  • Hiring a well-known content creation/distribution company to ghostwrite additional articles in Franklin’s name, and then distributing them to top tech websites. Within a year’s time he had over 20 articles published across 17 different platforms.
  • A comprehensive backlink strategy focusing on new web content featuring Franklin.

Personal Branding tactics for Franklin included:

  • An updated and optimized LinkedIn profile with a new summary, headshot, header image, and visuals.
  • A new personal website, optimized for SEO. Extensive keyword work to help his personal website achieve higher rank in search. Heavy emphasis was placed on the charity work Franklin had done with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of New York City.
  • A video bio that was repurposed on personal YouTube and Vimeo channels (independent of the company), LinkedIn and his personal website.
  • Creation of a series of new, relevant online listings.


The investment in content creation, search engine optimization, and personal branding resulted in over 50 new high-ranking listings (over a year’s time), effectively pushing any negative listings back to at least page 9 of search engine results, and ending any threat to any future transactions.

If you live in New York City and encounter an online reputation issue that you can’t resolve on your own, feel free to reach out to us directly to set up a free consultation.