Case Study – NYC Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Online Reputation Management for an NYC Magazine Editor

Name: Cynthia D.

Occupation: Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Location: New Jersey

Issue: Online reputation

Online Reputation Problem: At age 55, Cynthia was let go from a prominent Magazine after a long, highly successful, 12-year run as Editor-in-Chief. When a new C-Suite team for the Publishing Company came in, they offered “suggestions” for changes to her magazine brand’s content strategy. Cynthia disagreed with the new direction, and was both vocal and passionate in making a case to keep things moving in the direction she was going. A standoff ensued, and ultimately led to her dismissal.

Cynthia’s departure received local media coverage, both online and offline. One story in particular made reference to (and linked to) an old photo of Cynthia with her staff at company holiday party where she appeared to be inebriated. The reference and link to the photo brought this “old news” back up the ranks in search engine results, and suddenly it appeared on page one. This was a big hit to Cynthia’s online reputation.

Suddenly out of a job and looking for a new role, Cynthia faced the dual challenge of being older and looking for a new job in a younger field, and dealing with a barrage of page-one search listings that were somewhat less than flattering.

Online Reputation Management for Cynthia:

The beauty of working with a former Editor-in-Chief is that there was not only a passion for content creation, but also an inherent understanding of SEO. It was simply a function of taking her natural business talent and applying it to her personal brand. Within a very short period of time we worked with Cynthia to:

  • Update and optimize her LinkedIn profile with a new summary, headshot, header image, and visuals.
  • Create two new blogs – one with a “thought leader” agenda focusing on the rapidly changing Publishing field, and another that takes a fun look at being a single woman in her 50s in New York City.
  • A new personal website, optimized for SEO
  • An online portfolio page that showcased a visual representation of her incredible career with corporate logos, visuals.
  • A video bio that was repurposed on YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn and her personal website.

The search engine optimization (SEO) strategy included:

  • Extensive keyword work to help her personal website achieve higher rank in search.
  • A smart backlink strategy designed to raise the rank some of the positive stories already written about Cynthia.
  • Video optimization of her video bio.
  • Creation of a series of new, relevant online listings.


A double win for Cynthia, as the wave of new content creation, coupled with the backlink strategy, pushed down all of the press coverage far down from page one, and a competitive job offer from an up-and-coming online publisher has her back in a role that she truly enjoys! In addition, having never found the time to blog before, Cynthia discovered a new passion, and both of her blogs continue to this day!

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