Personal Branding

What is personal branding?

Personal branding takes insight, strategy, and tactics that, until recently, have been reserved for businesses, and applies them to individuals to help them create value and opportunity in their careers and lives.

To elaborate on this, think about successful brands like Mercedes, Apple, and Geico. When it comes to developing a brand strategy for these companies, it’s an incredibly elaborate, proactive process, often involving multiple marketing agencies. It includes countless hours of hard work for hundreds of people. The strong branding and messaging that we see in the form of advertising, social media, digital marketing, and direct mail, is an offshoot of this. When done right, growth and market share increases are a logical conclusion to the process.

How people differ from companies

People, on the other hand, often behave in the exact opposite fashion. They fly by the seat of their pants, and tend to be reactive to circumstance and environment. They make impromptu resolutions at random moments. There is very little proactivity or formal strategic thought with regard to personal brands, and results often tend to reflect this. Yet, often, people are shocked when they don’t see the growth and opportunity in their lives that they had hoped for.

The point here is that people need to realize that every day, others are searching for them, or people like them, on LinkedIn and on the Web. How people rank in searches can have a huge impact on their professional careers. And when searches do take place, what results do others see? Search results need to yield strong content that makes brands stand out and shine. Personal branding helps people optimize their online presence and personal SEO, so when others conduct searches for them, they find them easily and come away impressed!

We’re not saying that individuals have to imitate big businesses in everything they do to lead more successful careers and lives. That said, we see tremendous opportunity for personal growth by imitating some of the branding tactics and thought processes that have made corporate brands incredibly successful. In general, people need to change their mindsets, and begin to treat themselves as brands that exist in an extremely competitive online environment. Moving forward, personal branding is going to be a huge factor in the professional realm. People who devote the proper amount of time, energy, and resources to their personal brands are going to be the ones who stand out and cut through the clutter. This will pay tremendous dividends, both short term and long term.

How Repceptional can help you build a powerful personal brand

Online reputation management is not just about removing, pushing down negative online listings. It’s about building and cultivating strong personal brands online. Our creative and strategic processes are not arbitrary or formulaic. We work with our clients to develop smart, well-thought-out strategies for their personal brands. From there, we use search engine optimization and content creation tactics to execute.

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