Social Media Marketing


Social Media is an integral part of the overall Online Reputation Management (ORM) equation. Repceptional’s social media expertise and hands-on experience can turn it into a major asset for your company! If you’re interested in a partner that can build a powerful, consistent social media presence for your business; one that provides value to your customers, and strengthens your online reputation, let’s talk sooner rather than later! Click here to set up a free consultation!


In keeping with the broader, “glass is half full” philosophy of the company, Repceptional views social media as an amazing opportunity for a businesses like yours to build a strong online presence, and strengthen its overall online reputation.

Here’s what we love about social media:

  • Establishing an initial social presence is free and easy.
  • Active, optimized social media pages rank high in search engines.
  • As important as anything else: Social Media offers a great way to provide additional value to your customers, and a simple, effective way to communicate with them regularly.
  • Targeting capabilities are incredible, and the cost to do simple outreach campaigns remains relatively inexpensive.
  • You don’t have to devote energy to all social channels. Our advice: Find the property where your customers are most active, and spend time there.
  • With so much fantastic content being created these days, there’s tremendous opportunity to offer your customers a great mix of created and curated content.
  • You don’t have to establish a huge social following to have a highly successful social presence. A smaller group of highly engaged followers, brand ambassadors can be a tremendous asset to your company!


The intricacies and nuances of business today prohibit us from coming up with a formulaic approach to social media management. However, we do apply the same basic principles to every client engagement, which includes:

  • Once a year we do a strategic social media plan for your business. We take a good hard look at analytics, and study where/when your target audience is active, and what content will provide the most value to them. We establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor progress, help us make adjustments to the strategy if/when needed. We put together a solid content strategy based on the findings.
  • Strategy in place, each month we present you with a monthly progress report and a content calendar with posts (organic + paid) for the upcoming month for your approval.
  • Our goal is to get to know your business as well as anyone else. Armed with this knowledge, we are in the best position possible to create posts that tell compelling, engaging stories that put your brand in the best possible light.
  • We are consistently on the lookout for new ways to leverage individual posts (organic or paid) to drive ROI for your business.
  • We are firmly committed to staying ahead of the curve, leveraging the newest social capabilities and technology to help your business grow.


  • Strategic Social Media Plan (Presented once per year): $2,500
  • Ongoing Social media Management: Starting at $1,000 per month.

If you’d like to discuss a potential partnership, we offer a complimentary consultation with no further obligation. Click here to get the ball rolling!